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Sunday, March 25, 2012 

How NOT To Direct A Show | Ginger Baker Guest Artist

I just discovered a long-lost out take from the pilot version of The Rock & Roll Kitchen, shot in Los Angeles long ago. FYI, I do not possess any of the original footage, which is another issue altogether...

It somewhat echoes a recent interview by the band leader of the just-terminated trainwreck Rosie O'Donnell Show on Oprah's Network: "I know what NOT to do."

The clip features legendary drummer Ginger Baker, ex-bandmate of Eric Clapton with both Cream and Blind Faith. He made English Pancakes, and I remember 3 things about him:

1. When I asked what he might say if I'd met him in the 60s, and told him he would be doing a cooking show in the 90s, he said: "I wouldn't have remembered."

2. He kept saying to the tall kitchen assistant with the rockin bod: "Give us a kiss, love."

3. He insisted on using an "al - u - minium pan"

But on the down side, what this clip confirms is something I knew was happening when it happened: Very bad direction. 

Since shooting that clip, I've been in front of the camera almost too many times to remember, including national TV spots, special events for major corporations, webisodes, music clips, etc. And I've also produced many many segments, interviewed people, etc. And if there's one thing I know: If the talent is doing well while the red light is on... DON'T STOP THEM!!!! Which is what you can clearly see happened with just this little clip. 

I'm delivering the line just fine and then... STOP. WTF?!?!?! Talk about killing momentum & building frustration, especially when the talent (me) was already incredibly nervous and stressed out about the whole experience (i.e., no rehearsals, uneasy about the creative direction, incredibly difficult guest interviews with Ginger Baker & Brian Wilson, etc.)

But in a weird way, I suppose you could look at it as confirming something I already knew - which means knowing what not to do.