Monday, September 20, 2010 

The Dog Of Nashville 2nd Annual Sausage Fest

Although it’s a different conversation to compare the overall quality of dogs, brats & Polish sausages in different cities -  not to mention those featuring specialty encased meats (such as rabbit, alligator, etc.), it’s nice to see a middle Tennessee-based joint recognize the passion people have for a New York or Chicago-style hot dog. In this case, it's “The Dog Of Nashville” in (you guessed it) Nashville, TN.

What makes this place even wilder: What other hot dog restaurant can you think of that would set up a full-size ring in their back parking lot & feature wrestling teams going at it as part of their (2nd annual) Sausage Fest? FYI, the losing team had to put on some goofy-looking sausage costumes; the two civilians pictured said they were supposed to wear the costumes (plus do some kind of rap), but the story got fuzzy about why that didn't happen...

Even more entertaining: Although this establishment is set up in what appears to be a pretty “tony” part of Nashville (Belcourt, close to Vanderbilt University), there were some “fans” (?) in attendance who stuck out like a some junkyard mutts at a pedigree dog show; I was wondering if they were a plant to enhance the show, or if they were truly just fans who follow that sort of thing? 
Their promotional stuff was real nice too (2009 event poster, left). 

FYI, if you’re in Chicago and looking for a solid place which features traditional & non-traditional encased meats (including wild game & duck fat fries), check out Hot Doug's on California, just north of Belmont. We’re talking lines out the door most days they're open (lunch only, last I checked).