Tuesday, June 30, 2009 

Dr. Andrea Orfanakis For Nashcab

Be honest: If we didn't let you know what this woman does for a living, would you guess it on your own? I suppose it's part of our culture, where everyone & everything seems to need a label, and the preconceptions that go with that. Never mind that Andy (the featured customer) is one of the funniest, genuine, entertaining, camera-friendly natural talents you'll ever see - and maybe it shouldn't really matter what her job is? But we decided to bow to the world as it is for "credibility power," and include the fact that this is a doctor of medicine being featured in the testimonial piece. And by the way: I think NashCab does some sweet kitchens....

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 

The Rock & Roll Kitchen® Live | December 2008

Finally got around to editing some video from a private party we did last December at Chicago Recording Company (in Chicago - can you believe it?!?). The band features some of my very favorite, world-class musicians, who I hope you agree are also excellent performers. What you don't know is this: There was no soundcheck OR rehearsal for this one - everyone just got in cold & went at it. Professor John (a great singer & writer) does "Jambalaya" while Chef Joel Nickson of Wishbone Restaurants & I cook jambalaya in front of the band. Also features Tim Beattie, Chip Znuff, Dennis Webber, Tony Dale and Paul Coscino. Directed by Hank Neuberger, audio by Chris Shepard. Enjoy!

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