Monday, September 24, 2007 

Steven Adler Of Guns N Roses - "Night Train"

It's been awhile since the last post, lots of stuff happening. One thing in particular: I've been doing some personal chef stuff for the original drummer from Guns N Roses at Blue Island Recorders (yes, southside Chicago). His name is Steven Adler, he's a pal & bandmate with my pal Chip Znuff, and since meeting & hanging with him, I've started to check out some GNR stuff I've found online.
Apologies to Steven - I can't say I was the biggest GNR fan in the world. But I can say I've really had some fun with him, he's a real sweet & funny guy (and I've been shooting some video of him, which I'll put online soon).

Beyond that, I was happy to find this live video of their band from 1988, and was very impressed. Everyone seems at the top of their games, it's a good tune, and Slash really plays well over the rest. Are the two guitars a little out of tune up front? Hey, that's rock & roll, baby - and maybe they really were one of the best rock bands ever? Enjoy...

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