Wednesday, May 23, 2007 

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

THIS JUST IN! (always wanted to say that...).In addition to our CCR tribute (Creedence Again) performing Memorial Day weekend in Evansville, Indiana (3 nights), they also have Pat Benetar scheduled to perform on Saturday. It seems they have an outdoor venue where the national acts perform...

After speaking with the talent agent yesterday, she tells me Benetar has been having some health problems of late, and her doing that concert is now uncertain - they'll know Friday. How does that impact us?

If Benetar cancels, they'll move US to the big outdoor stage Saturday night - yes. We LOVE a big stage & bigger venues, and instead of performing three 60 - 75 minute shows, we'd only have to do one 90 - 120 minute show for the night ("concert style," our favorite). Although we certainly don't wish ill health on anyone, well...



Rolling On The River Concert Series

DOES ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE NEVER CEASE TO BE AMAZED AT HOW THE EASIEST, SLAM-DUNK IDEAS ARE TYPICALLY THE HARDEST TO SELL? Here's one: One of the more popular hits my CCR tribute band (Creedence Again) plays is "Proud Mary" - "rollin, rollin, rollin on the river..."

Good or bad, one of the strongest sources of musical gigs in this country are CASINOS. Although they have a MILLION rules, security cameras everywhere, tight restrictions on drinking booze onstage, etc., they do have guaranteed budgets, regardless of attendance numbers. FYI, although I'm guessing there may be data somewhere to support this claim, I think in hard times, entertainment value goes UP - along with liquor sales - not the opposite. And a lot of folks are hoping to hit it big via gambling --- yet another conversation.

That said, I put some hard effort at the beginning of this year in creating some marketing materials for our "Rolling On The River" Concert Series, thinking this would FOR SURE get all kinds of interest from riverboat casinos. WRONG. With the exception of a random cold-call to an agent in southern Indiana that actually turned into a 3-night gig at a casino called Casino Aztar in Evansville, Indiana this Memorial Day Weekend, the concept was universally ignored by each and every talent buyer I reached out to. Damn...

However, my hope is doing this show may jump-start interest with other casinos (nobody likes being the first, right?). NEXT UP: Pat Benetar.