Tuesday, June 14, 2011 

From Weed Killer to Killer Weed | Miracle-Gro Leads The Way?

Maybe you've heard about the CEO at Scott's Miracle-Gro say he is exploring targeting medical marijuana to help boost sales? I'm very curious to see how much blowback this statement will get from the various "just say no" and conservative types out there - if any. 

In the bigger picture, it may be a sign of the times: Desperate times demand desperate measures, and here's a mainstream American corporation daring to float the idea of making legal money from a long-time illegal substance. I wonder what other companies will watch, wait and then (maybe) follow suit?



Monday, June 06, 2011 

Bonanza Kill Count? Hello Wikipedia

I know I'm not exactly "right in the head" (whatever that may be) compared to a lot of people. That said, in my never-ending quest to point out certain things randomly when & where I see it... I had a thought about the popular TV show "Bonanza." This "family show" espousing right & wrong values, solid ethics, the American spirit, etc. ran for 14 years. 

If you're like me, the TV is often running in the background while I'm working on my computer, and while this show was running recently, a thought occurred: A LOT of people got killed and/or shot and/or badly beaten on Bonanza. 

Setting aside any discussion as to why it's okay to depict murder & violence on family tv (and not people in the act of getting horizontal), I got to thinking: Has anyone ever done a tally on how many people have met a violent ending on this show? I reckon a minimum average of 4 - 6 people (let's say 4 people) bite the dust every episode; maybe 26 episodes every year x 14 seasons = 1456 snuff outs. I wonder if anyone tracks this kind of thing (Wikipedia)? Discuss....