Saturday, October 14, 2006 

Metromix & My Pumpkin - Year 3

Here's one of my pumpkins has used for the last three years (they got it for free).

Although you'd think it would be no big deal to add a credit/link my way (hell yes, I've asked/tried), no cigar. The warm & fuzziness of it nearly overwhelms...

Truth is, in my experience with the corporate monkeyhouse, you're pretty much invisible/nonexistent unless you and your project visit one of these three wing-tipped cubicles: Invoices, liability or blame-shifting.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (and thanks a pantload).


The Rock & Roll Chef�: Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick)

The Rock & Roll Chef�: Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick)

Friday, October 13, 2006 

Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick)

Another interview from the Halloween & Party Show. I'm guessing Butch is (yet another) child actor who probably wonders if his early success was more blessing or curse. I'm also thinking he must have been to the brink at least a few times, but he's still hanging on.

He was there working the show for some client or another, and in the expected PR mode. THat said, the interview I'd REALLY like to do with him would be to dig deep, ask him about the Hollywood-flavored depravity you KNOW he encountered (embraced?), hear some of those real stories. Far more interesting stuff to me.


Rock N Roll Halloween Part 2

This was a pretty fun segment from the Halloween & Party Show. I suppose I like giving folks grief on camera to see how they react to it; in a strange way, I think this approach gets down real fast to them showing their real personalities.

I also submitted this clip to NBC's Tonight Show this week. Why? I saw they were looking for "correspondents," and after reading their info on the website, it's almost like they wrote the description to fit what we'd already done last year. Although I'm not holding my breath on hearing from anyone there, I also wouldn't be surprised to get a call from someone from NBC on this reel...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 

Rock N Roll Halloween!

My pal Leigh Hanlon rolled by this week, and we used his sweet Canon GL series videocamera to dump footage into my computer, which I edit with Sony Vegas (love it). This is footage from the 2005 Halloween & Party Show here in Chicago, my FAVORITE trade show of them all. It's a pretty busy time for me right now, but I'm hoping to add more content this month from the show (interviews, etc.)

Leigh suggested using my tune "Let's Raise The Dead" as the music - I thought it to be a good idea, and did it. FYI, this song is one of 13 (classic covers and originals) on my "Pumpkin Patch" Halloween CD...