Monday, August 31, 2009 

Digital Piracy Reality

I have to note how stealing art (music) seems to be as nonchalant these days as buying a cup of coffee. Case in point: Someone recently called me to ask if I had a CD from our tribute band - some friend of theirs "wanted to burn a copy." Hmmm. No mention of "can he BUY a copy" whatsoever.

It's truly notable how people like that (just about everyone, really) have no inkling of how much time & money it cost to produce even a CD of cover tunes. It's really no different than someone saying "hey - I like that lawnmower you bought, I want to use it whenever I want, without paying you a dime." I wonder how THAT would go over? And so, here's what I think:

Anyone who is hoping to make money from digital content (music, movies, software) is out of touch with reality - there's simply no way to protect it. More, you can count on it being pirated/copied/downloaded almost from the minute it goes live. The ONLY company I'm aware of who figured out how to address that is Digidesign (Pro Tools). You can't run their program without having their hardware interface. So, although you can get the software anywhere, they know you have to buy at least SOMETHING to use their product (smart).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 

Creedence Again on WGN Morning News | August 13, 2009

Here's more content from our appearance on WGN Morning News. Admittedly, we did not play "Midnight Special"on-air; however, as our version of the traditional classic is one of the better-produced tunes we have at this time, I thought it might be the best match for the sweet sweet photos by Dietrich Zeigler (on-site photog for the WGN show).

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 

Creedence Again on WGN Morning News | August 13, 2009

ALTHOUGH WGN MORNING NEW is far & away the best, most fun & most watched morning show in Chicago, I'm really wondering what the deal is with their online video clips? Specifically, compared to just about every other video you see online, their audio is WAAAYYYYYY quiet. You wonder if maybe the Tribune corporation got into some big contract with some company to handle that area, and then discovered there was a problem, but being a corporate giant, nobody wanted to admit a mistake was made (i.e., no culpability for career-smudging screwups), so they just keep limping along with what they've got?

Beyond that, they had a GREAT photographer (Deitrich Ziegler) shooting stills for their website; I'll be editing some video soon with his images. Here's the web-only version of us doing "Fortunate Son" (early in the morning). I think Richard Perez does an unbelievable version of the tune... and check out Montana taking his shirt off mid-tune. Hey, whatever gets the chicks coming around is fine with me (and the dudes always follow the chicks).

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The Last Gunner Standing?

The inimitable Steven Adler of Guns N Roses was here in Blue Island last week, for nearly a week; it's always good to see that boy. Although I was told he was here to record some tracks (he said he wants to knock out an EP of 4 - 5 new original tunes), they ended up not doing even one song (!?!?!?).

It's not hard to get him going about his favorite topic: A GNR reunion. The thing that got him going was when I told him I was betting on him as being "the last Gunner standing." Meaning: my money is on him to be the last surviving member of the original lineup. Why?

Well... with all the abuse he's put himself through (plus several admitted suicide attempts), he's still going strong -mostly. He's like a charming cockroach, only with great rhythm, millions of dollars and millions of fans. To be a great rock drummer - and he very much still is, it's great to watch him going through his chops - I believe that requires a lot of core strength. Not to mention having the stamina to keep all those other bigger-than-life Gunners in check onstage. And so... my GNR deadpool says Adler will be the last Gunner standing.

P.S. On another note... he didn't say this was confidential, so I'm mentioning it here: He just signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster, should be released sometime in 2010. Although he wanted to call it "No Bed Of Roses," the publishers went with the title "My Appetite For Destruction." GOOD LUCK BRO!

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009 

Woodstock 40th Anniversary Tribute Show

I thought this was a dynamite idea when I was first contacted about it in early 2009 by Michael Stanard. Michael seems to wear many hats in Woodstock (Illinois), including owning Galt Airport. The airport is also used as an outdoor concert venue; the concept was to re-create the original Woodstock of 1969 with tribute bands. LOVE IT.

Unbeknownst to many, Creedence Clearwater Revival played at Woodstock, although somehow nobody bother to film them?!?!?!? Now, that is crazy - arguably one of the best American bands ever with more top-ten hits than even the Beatles, and the cameras ignore them?

Regardless, Creedence Again (our CCR tribute) is on the bill, and it should be a fun one. We're hearing about a 5-camera video shoot with jibs, HD cameras, multi-track audio recording, etc. We perform Saturday, August 15 around 4PM (?). And watch for our appearance on WGN Morning News the day before, between 8 - 9AM.

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