Saturday, June 28, 2008 

The Rock & Roll Kitchen At Rocklahoma 2008

Anybody out there heard of Rocklahoma? In fairness, I might not have known about it except for Chip Znuff, who plays there and also seems to be one of their key components with helping get musicians, promote it, etc. Regardless, I do know it's hugely successful - what other festival can you name which pulls over 100,000 people its first year and gets great national media coverage? (i.e., Rolling Stone magazine).

As you would guess, Rocklahoma is in Oklahoma, fairly close to Tulsa. It's all about 80s hair bands like Warrant, Ratt, Poison, Lita Ford, etc., which is still a wildly popular format to this day. It turns out one of the head guys (Brad White) is a real cooking/food nut; after I sent them some Totally Chipotle products and RR Kitchen promo stuff, I got invited to set up backstage with some cameras, do some cooking with whichever rock stars fell like cooking on camera, do interviews, etc. Suh-weet, hey? Now, it's all about what can be done with about zero lead time and (so far) no budget... Ideas, anyone?

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