Monday, October 15, 2007 

Tasty Tattoos W/ Steven Adler Of Guns N Roses

Here's a VERY spontaneous video I knocked out from the kitchen in Blue Island Recorders. You'll hear someone banging away on a tambourine in the background, but my feeling is that if I'd tried telling them to calm down for even a minute, the moment with Adler might have passed (yes, it's like that with him).

I do think it's fun to hear him talking about his ink; I also took the liberty of adding a lot of info that he shared with me during his three visits to Chicagoland from Sept- Oct 2007.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 

Daytime In The Garden Of Good & Evil

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PHOTO OF STEVEN ADLER, taken in the kitchen yesterday afternoon around 2-ish before he & Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) caught a ride together to Midway Airport to Las Vegas and New Hampshire (respectively). Here's the story:

I'm ashamed to say I don't have a digital camera right now (the one I had was "liberated" awhile back, haven't replaced it yet). And so, I called the Blue Island newspaper (The Forum) and told them Adler, Dale Bozzio, Chip Znuff and the Rock & Roll Chef were all here at the studio, and could they send a photographer over? Luckily, Cindy Rippe from the paper said she could make it over with her high-end Sony digital camera; I gave a heads-up to the rock stars (and believe me, trying these people going in the same direction is like trying to herd minnows), and hoped for the best.

The thing I love about this photo is how it seems to demonstrate the two sides of Steven I've witnessed - sweet Steven, and "Monster" (the nickname Chip & I both seemed to arrive at the exact same time). He's flashing that great smile, looking at what he holds in one hand - the shimmery-white, ethereal healthy tea kettle, with the promise of warm, soothing, good-for-the-soul, clean refreshment. In the other hand, only a turn of the head away, the dark side seems to be represented by a bottle of Red Stripe beer and (hard to see, but it's there) a lit Marlboro cigarette. Talk about a literal image...

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