Sunday, September 14, 2008 

Dale Bozzio Of Missing Persons & Totally Chipotle Bloody Mary Mix

Remember Missing Persons, the 80's band with the too-hot singer? She was/is Dale Bozzio, and my pal Chip Znuff gigs with her from time to time. She was at the studio, and shot this little bumper for Totally Chipotle Bloody Mary Mix (she's Italian, loves to cook, kicking around the idea of coming out with her own bottled marinara). FYI, I added the "real" video of this song below...


Tuesday, September 02, 2008 

Cockpit - Mission To Rock (lahoma)

Finally got some MP3s from Linda Lou, plugged in one of their tunes underneath the video I shot at Rocklahoma. Man, here's wishing I had a high-end notch filter to neutralize that tour bus engine noise...

Anyway, I think the name they chose for an all-girl rock band is truly brilliant/sly; and, as you can see by the video, Linda Lou holds up well under pressure, having just gotten her fave guitar back from some skeezy assistant-to-a-bus driver loser who claimed he got too drunk, and "accidentally" took off with her guitar - right.

FYI, the thief escaped a beating from the stage crew by a whisper, as security was ready to make them tear the whole stage apart to find Linda's axe. They were hot, tired, sleep deprived and badly in need of a distraction. However, he was only confined to the tour bus for the next day. I seriously would have put him outside the festival grounds, and told him to find his own way back to Chicago...

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