Thursday, July 17, 2008 

Rocklahoma 2008 - Africa Hot or Sideways Rain

As of right now, it's probably too soon to put any judgements on the outcome of this "Back To Oklahoma" trip (I was born there).

Some things do stand out, though: Truly severe weather, truly hot women, some great connections & new pals, my Totally Chipotle products getting rave reviews, some big liars and out-and-out thieves, totally shallow & transparent scammer/party chicks, some nice small-town folks, dreaded small-town cops, narcissists and egomaniacs, well-dressed losers, casually dressed multi-millionaires - all in full view backstage from behind my custom kitchen flight case, at the mercy of the weather and flow of the people.

More later, but meantime, check out an all-girl band with a great name, whom I met just after a very bad moment (for them). I liked them a lot, and hope they go big soon: COCKPIT!

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