Thursday, December 21, 2006 

X-Mas Card From Some Beggars

I DON'T NORMALLY PAY too much attention to X-mas cards - most of 'em are about as sincere as robot tears - but I got one from some new pals that I liked who do a Stones tribute called Beggars Banquet.

We met these blokes last summer in Valpairaso, Indiana at the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Festival. They were SUPER late - the traffic really sucked - but (luckily?) the power had blown in the whole town, and everything was running at least an hour late anyway.

Anyhow, they were good, their manager Jeff was real nice, he's also based in Chicago, and we've since started swapping war stories about gigs, musicians, etc. As our CCR tribute poses no competition between us, it's nice to let the guard down once in awhile and offer mutual support and venting time.

That said, here's the hand-written liner notes from Jeff:


All the best to you and the boys in CA! At this time of the year we try to forget all the long hours, travel, late practises and moronic talent buyers and instead remember all the fun times and great people we have met. We hope all goes well for you guys in '07 & hope to see you again!"



Thank you, Jeff...

Thursday, December 07, 2006 

Green Onions

WHAT A GREAT FOOD SONG! I found it a little strange that Taco Bell is currently throwing out the baby with the bath water with their announcement that they're 86-ing green onions from their menu - not far from the recent "spinach scare." If you really think about it, they probably serve other stuff with a lot more long-term health implications than some lowly scallions...

You also wonder how many of these incidents it's going to take before folks start having more questions about not only the source of the food, but how it's packaged, warehoused & distributed (most would probably be reviled with a close inspection of even a fraction of their regular meals).

Regardless, have a quick short-sample listen to our funked-up version of this great song (featuring the Cornucopia Horns). THANK YOU BOOKER T!