Friday, November 25, 2011 

Occupy Social Media | The "Good" 1%

I was invited to an early-morning "networking" event last week at a pancake house, with the premise of social media being used to promote the respective businesses of the various 20-ish small business owners & salespeople in attendance. Walking away after over an hour of the moderator barking at people for talking over her, other people fooling with their mobile phones/ignoring her as she spoke, and generally doing my best to keep my mouth shut with this colossally uninformed person leading the innocent down the wrong path, my dominant thought was this: Even today, maybe 1% of the "marketing" and advertising people I talk to really understand how to use social media to advance their brands. And these aren't "random hires" either: These are extremely well-paid people working for huge corporations, with some of the best marketing and advertising degrees their parents could afford.

NOTE TO THE PANCAKE HOUSE ATTENDEES: Anyone who isn't using Facebook fan pages as part of their marketing mix is completely clueless - YOU'RE WELCOME!

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