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Tuesday, March 27, 2012 

REAL Rock Star Cooking W/ Chip Znuff

I was VERY surprised to notice something interesting recently: ZERO actual rock stars coming up with a Google search of "rock star cooking" or other variations of that term. Weird, huh? Sure, there are TONS of references to "cook like a rockstar!" or unknown musicians or civilians calling themselves "rock stars" in the kitchen. Sorry - but that's nowhere near the same as a REAL rockstar cooking a dish, folks. 

Although I have seen some real rock stars doing a little cooking on Daryl Hall's web (and sometimes broadcast TV) show called "Live From Daryl's House" (nicely produced show, although a lot heavier on the music over the food), they seem to avoid allowing their content to be viewable on YouTube or showing up on Google searches - I'm guessing they want to drive traffic to their website for the views, ad revenue, etc?

All that said, I'm thinking my recent video of Chip Znuff of Enuff Znuff cooking a dish is - at least for a little while - one of a kind online. A real star in every way, throwing it down in the kitchen. ENJOY!

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